New temporary residences’ compound in Piazza della Repubblica, Turin


The scheme proposes to modify the shape of the Don Albera square by rectifying it to obtain a rectangular square with a more intimate and more defined space. The hypothesis involves raising the floor of the square and bringing it to the level of the entrance from the two arches arranged to the north that connects Piazza Don Albera with Piazza della Repubblica. The new square slopes towards the east with large stairways partially organized into seats and covered by large canopies, creating spaces for resting and meeting. On the west side of the square, with the displacement of the perimeter, space is made for the possible construction of a long building at different heights that can contain cultural and commercial activities.

This new building constitutes a visual backdrop that mediates the relationship between Piazza Don Albera and the rear of the buildings lined up on Piazza della Repubblica. The rectangular perimeter of the square can be further marked by regularly distributed lighting structures. the square will thus be able to host city events and constitute a resting place equipped with green areas and water features. Under the square, public and appurtenant car parks can be placed as required by neighborhood associations.


The main entrance to the new complex is located in Piazza della Repubblica where the entrance to the existing historical building was already located. Passing in front of the reception hall you enter the new staircase with its lift that connects to the upper floors where some apartments are located. In the basement, there are common services and a multipurpose room. The newly built building is located on the edge of Via Priocca and houses other matching studios connected to the new staircase via a “cold” gallery that can be closed and heated if desired.

At the meeting point between the historic building and the new wing on Via Priocca, there is a second entrance with direct access to the courtyard. The commercial spaces with large windows are located on the ground floor of the historic building. The facade of Via Priocca is marked by a light metal structure that supports small metal roofs that act as a protection from the rain and the sun. On the roof of the internal courtyard, skylights can be located for lighting and ventilation of the multipurpose room. The courtyard roof can be partially organized as a garden and used for outdoor activities.

Project team:
Derossi Associati (Pietro, Davide, Paolo Derossi) in collaboration with Arch. Ugo Bruno.
Eng. Bonfante (structure and technical systems)