New pavillon for “Peota”, in the monumental complex of Venaria Reale. Third prize

The location of the new exhibition pavilion takes place on the northwest side of the Peschiera, at a point that does not directly interfere with the axes of the buildings and gardens. The new pavilion appears, at least metaphorically, as a “provisional” object, temporarily placed, and possibly transportable elsewhere. At the same time, it must accompany, and not correct or modify, the extraordinary views that visitors to the Palace enjoy.

The shape of the pavilion accompanies the shape of the Peota in plan and elevation thus minimizing the size of the space container. The structure does not appear as a volume but as two “sheets” that enclose and protect a precious object. The structural solution identified makes it possible to respond to wind stress without invasive metal structures. The curved profile shape in elevation and plan allows for an overall rigidity of the structure, thanks to which the pillars can have limited sections. The optimization of the energy behavior of the “building system” was pursued by trying to define in the best way, first of all, the orientation of the new pavilion and subsequently identifying specific construction and performance solutions for the building envelope, thus reducing the cost of both environmental technologies and management in operation. The design of the “building-technical installations” system was developed in order to precisely and rigorously control the environmental parameters necessary for the maintenance of the construction.

Project team:

Architectural project: Derossi Associati (Arch. Pietro, Paolo, Davide Derossi),
Engeneering: 3TI progetti Italia (Eng. Alfredo Inglettti)
Technical installations: Prodim S.r.l.(Eng. Matteo Bo)