New hotel school in Stresa

The new complex, consisting of the Hotel school, the gym, and the outdoor area equipped with greenery and parking, is part of a large block between Fiume and Trentinaglia streets, occupying the entire area of the current football field in the municipality of Stresa.

The architectural layout consists of two large buildings, the first one contains the Hotel school for which multiple classrooms, laboratories, kitchens, restaurants, and offices have been planned, and the second one contains the gym. All functions must be continuously correlated, in the sense that the students, unlike a traditional high school, are constantly on the move to follow the many programmed activities.

This consideration gave rise to a simple and clear arrangement of the spaces aligned on a central corridor axis from which the main staircase and the additional stairs start. The school building has three floors above the ground (the ground floor is partially buried on the southwest side) and an overlaid fourth floor that contains one of the main functions of the school: the large kitchen and the restaurants. In addition to this, the restaurants lead to the garden terrace that enjoys a panoramic view of the lake and where large umbrellas can be placed to cover the outdoor dining area.

The gym is located downstream from the school and is partially underground. It has direct access from the main school building via the south staircase and there is also secondary independent access from via Fiume. The gym consists of a large volume that includes the playing field (suitable for practicing volleyball, basketball, and five-a-side football) with bleachers that can accommodate up to 100 spectators. The building will be covered by a vault built with laminated timber beams resting on concrete pillars and will be naturally lit by large windows on its northern facade.

Project team

Derossi Associati (Arch. Pietro, Paolo, Davide Derossi)
In collaboration with: Eng. Alberto Ferrarotti, A.C.R. Progetti s.r.l, Eng. Giuseppe and Andrea Manzone, Eng. Matteo Rigolone, geom. Paola Cerone, dr. Massimiliano Coretta  and dr. Luca Toschi




Contest – First prize