Functional reorganitation of piazza  Aldo Moro, Senago (MI) Ideas competition. Fourth prize

Contest of ideas.

The place.
The chosen place, Piazza Aldo Moro and its park, is particularly suitable as it can become a complementary point of reference for the widespread centrality that in the town of Senago extends from Via Volta, passing Via Garibaldi to Via Repubblica, also giving new activities to the streets that from the historic center, almost radially, reach the square. The portico that replaces the presence of the city constitutes a filter for other activities outside the square. The most important public functions, the library, and the auditorium are located adjacent to the portico.

The square.
The square is identified as an empty, well-defined space available to host various activities. The presence of the Monday market is an element of great importance, but every day the square must offer itself to citizens as an opportunity to meet for participation in collective and individual activities. The pavement with its regular geometry design aims to reinforce the square shape of the Piazza. It consists of horizontal elements that can be the seat of technological equipment (drains, water intakes, retractable electric towers) and also host benches and lighting poles. Their distribution is defined by a possible location of the “trucks” of the Monday market.

The library.
The library is located on the south side of the square. Access comes from the porch. The organization of the library has as its reference that of the “public libraries”, a model that characterizes most of the new European libraries. The actual library, controlled by an anti-shoplifting system, is preceded by a collective public space equipped as an information spot, resting and exhibition space, in other words, as a “living room of the city”. Upstairs there is a warehouse for rare books, two laboratories for collective research, and a space for the media library.

The auditorium.
The auditorium was intended as a “multipurpose room” suitable for hosting conferences, theatrical and musical activities, parties, etc. It’s located in the southeast corner of the square with an independent entrance from the portico. The hall holds 500 seats. The stage rises from the “stalls” with an equipped backstage which leads to a warehouse, dressing rooms, and a meeting room.

The park.
The park will be reorganized by attributing a particular theme to the various areas. The northeast area is partly enriched by planting but remains available for new public building interventions adjacent to the portico.

Project team:

Derossi Associati (Pietro, Paolo, Davide Derossi)
Eng. Edoardo Guenzani (structure)
Prodim S.r.l. (technical systems)
Arch. Mario Grosso (bioclimatics)
Contributors: Arch. Anna Licata, Arch. Andrea Bogani.