Eco-sustainable social housing building, Vercelli – Bertagnetta

The project is the result of a public competition. It’s located in Bertagnetta in the municipality of Vercelli. The residential building consists of 21 apartments for a total of 1633 square meters of which 100 square meters are dedicated to solar greenhouses. The shape is the regular one of a “cue” with two symmetrical stairs blocks and the sunroom balconies represent the particularity of the project. On the facade facing the street, there are “solar greenhouses” which offer an energy supply and allow good ventilation of the apartment in summer and heat accumulation in winter.

The triangular-shaped rear balconies house a light metal structure designed for drying clothes and a storage locker. The axiality of the facade is emphasized by the central position of the technical room at the top and surmounted by an exhalation chimney. The symmetrical setting is broken by the side windows that follow the different internal distribution logic, with a further “betrayal” due to the external service staircase clinging to the building.

Great attention was paid to the energetic aspect and the materials used for the construction. The building has an ordinary reinforced concrete structure, traditional brick-concrete floors, and external masonry infill walls with a 12 cm thick insulation “coat” to ensure high energy performance. Each sunroom has side glazed doors and windows facing the street with mosquito nets. Space is also dedicated to greenery with the arrangement of the lawn and the panting of tall trees.

Project team:
Derossi Associati (Arch Pietro, Paolo, Davide Derossi),
Prodim s.r.l. (technical systems)
Eng. Rocco Montagnese (structure)




Project, realization