The proposal for the recovery and re-functionalization of the currently disused part of the factory can be summarized as a new concept of “integrated urban agricultural park”, where temporary and light structures are located within a built area but integrated with agricultural production. A flexible, open structure, that represents a middle way between an agricultural plant and an urban sub-system. An urbanization model that we could define as “weak” refers to a concept of reversibility and cross-ability typical of agriculture.

The aim is to consolidate a highly attractive experimentation site where, in addition to placing business laboratories linked to the green economy, sustainable design, eco-packaging, food design, etc., it is also possible to produce organic vegatables on an urban scale.

A workplace but also a meeting and leisure place where one can buy organic products at zero km in a large covered market, eat in a cozy restaurant, attend a musical show, take cooking classes, visit the greenhouses for growing edible flowers, learn how to cultivate your own urban garden, buy kits for organic domestic cultivation, visit urban agriculture plants, participate in training sessions, eat organic ice cream, and/or walk through an ever-renewed indoor experimental garden.

Project team

Architectural project: Derossi Associati (arch. Paolo and Davide Derossi) in collaboration with Arch. Maurizio Cilli, Arch. Vincenzo Gastini, Arch. Federico Degiuli, Arch. Chiara Garibaldi, Arch Riccardo Mondana, Arch Cristina Tarocco.

Structure and installations: Ing. Alessandro Balboni (MCM Ingegneria S.r.l).




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